Is Your Horse Mentally Sound?

Your horse's lack of mental soundness is the key root to most problems. Get the mind right and you'll have the dream horse who's not easily distracted, doesn't spook easily, and is able to hold it together when something unexpected happens. Grab my mental checklist to see if your horse can check off all the boxes.

Discover The Underlying Issues That Will Cause Your Horse To Bolt, Buck, Spook, or Lose Focus...

  • ​ How to get your horse in a "neutral" frame of mind so he's not distracted, ready to pay attention, and willing to learn
  • ​How to keep your horse calm and collected when something unexpected happens or he's in a new environment
  • ​The "little things" you're missing in your horse's behavior that are all adding up to cause bigger problems
  • ​Have a much more pleasant and problem free ride every time by making your horse LOVE IT when you're on his back
  • ​Why a horse that doesn't like being caught can be a major sign of mental unsoundness and how to fix it
  • ​And much, much more.

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Who Is Carson James?

My background is in Vaquero Horsemanship, and for the majority of my career, I worked on cattle ranches where I rode horses all day, every day. My knowledge comes from real life experience using traditional Buckaroo horsemanship to train horses and fix problems. I'm now taking this knowledge and experience and sharing it with horse owners online and in person at my Horsemanship Fundamentals clinics.

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